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Basic information

Die Basisinformationen

In case of EMERGENCY call number 112.

Contact phone: 222 070 111 – billing, etc.

For non-acute medical care, advisory or home service etc. contact private GP services or visit any hospital.

Medical care including emergency care is NOT free of charge in Czech republic. If no valid health insurance can be certified, payment in cash will be requested by the ambulance crew (credit cards are also accepted).

 Price list
ALS ambulance (paramedics) 5 000 Kč 178 € 213 USD
RRV(physician) 10 000 Kč 357 € 426 USD
ALS + RRV 15 000 Kč 535 € 639 USD


  • ALS = Advanced life support
  • RRV = Rapid response vehicle

All necessary treatment and transport to the nearest hospital are included.